Journal of Distance Education – Anglophone Editor The Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE) invites your institution to submit a proposal to edit and publish the Journal of Distance Education for a three- year term beginning 1 July 2006. The proposal to publish the Journal needs to name an Anglophone editor. The editor will seek papers of high quality, screen manuscripts, select reviewers, consult with an editorial board, oversee the review process and make final decisions, provide potential contributors to the Journal with feedback on the progress of their papers submitted for publication, and edit manuscripts. In collaboration with the French-language editor, the Anglophone editor will supervise the preparation and production of three issues each year, maintain editorial records, administer copyright policy, and answer general inquiries. The number of article submissions received per year has typically been about fifty. While the editors report to the Board of Directors on the financing and production of the publication and answer for its policies and procedures, they are independent from the Board of Directors in terms of the publication�fs policies and procedures. These are determined in concert with the publication�fs Advisory Board. The editors are responsible for ensuring editorial standards are maintained; for developing and maintaining a schedule of publication for each issue of the Journal, for reviewing policies and practices; and for working with copy editors, book review editors, and a press to ensure production standards are maintained. Current editorial policy is to publish articles in the language submitted, English or French, and to translate the abstract of each article into the other language. As Co- Chair of the CADE Journal Advisory Board, the editor is invited to attend monthly CADE Board of Directors meetings by teleconference and the annual Board meeting held in Ottawa in September. The reputation of the Journal of Distance Education and the importance of research and publishing make this a prestigious position for the individual chosen and for the host institution. Among considerations for selecting an Editor are:

  • membership in CADE;
  • appropriate tertiary qualifications, including extensive knowledge of various research methods in education;
  • interest in and knowledge of publications procedures and practices;
  • wide, first-hand international knowledge of institutions, persons and practices in distance education;
  • extensive knowledge of current research activities of interest to CADE;
  • high standing and respect in the field of distance education;
  • administrative inclination, especially in the acquisition and expenditure of project grants;
  • proven project management skills, along with access to institutional support services; and
  • demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in English.

Proposals to edit and publish the Journal of Distance Education should be submitted by letter no later than 30 January 2006 and should include the curriculum vitae of the editor, an outline of relevant experience and scholarly interests, and an indication of institutional support (e.g., scholarly time available, secretarial provisions, etc.) to: Tim G. Howard, Director of Administration
JDE Editor Search Committee
Canadian Association for Distance Education
260 Dalhousie Street
Suite 204
E-mail: cade-aced@csse.ca The Canadian Association for Distance Education will undertake to negotiate with the host university the provision of administrative support for the Editor through the CADE Secretariat (English-language). The Canadian Association for Distance Education contributes $17,375 per year, divided $14,375 to the English language editor and $3,000 to the French language editor. The CADE financial support covers, in part, editorial, publication and distribution costs. Currently the host institution receives SSHRC funding to further supplement costs. At a minimum, the host institution will need to provide space for an office, computer, printer, and access to a fax machine, internet, Xerox machine, postage & courier, office and room storage and an editorial assistant (30% time).

This report presents the issues and suggests an action plan that can move CADE and AMTEC forward in their discussions to form a new association. Click on the link CADE_AMTEC report.doc on the left to open or download the document. Download PDF

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