CNIE Board Update & Nominations

Fellow Sufferers:
This is the first in a series of reports that will be coming your way from the various members of your Board of Directors. It’s my pleasant task to go first, and your Past President is principally concerned, this time of year, with nominations and Board continuity.

2010 is the first year for significant turn-over in the CNIE Board, as the first cadre of founding Directors reaches the end of their three-year mandate. So, before we go any further, let me formally thank Maria Chow (Vice President and President-elect, K-12 rep), Anna Sawicki (Secretary-Treasurer, government rep), Helena Fehr (media producers & distributors rep), David Kidney (education/training technology specialists’ rep), and Carolyn Nobes (distance/open learning professionals rep & Chair of the Awards Committee) for their very great generosity of time and effort in keeping your professional association together and on course.

Maria, of course, will ascend to the Presidency in May 2010 -even as I, too, leave the Board. Together with Maureen Baron, Lorraine Carter, and Mike Power, she will provide our Association with energetic and youthful continuity as we move forwards- not to mention a Francophone presidency.

Of course, the vacancies for 2010 leave plenty of room for new ideas and different skills at the Board. We seek nominations for not only a new VP (President-elect) and a Secretary-Treasurer, but also three, additional Directors at large. Some of you may have colleagues in mind that would make admirable Board members. Others may have been wishing that they had more influence in CNIE’s affairs. Still others have already expressed to the current Board their strong opinions of the activities and accomplishments of our very young Association. Well, Pilgrim, the time to step up and take a stronger role in its governance is now.

Please submit to me at and Tim Howard at, your nominations for any and all of the above Board positions. Each nomination should include
a) A nomination letter, signed by three members of CNIE making the nomination, indicating the name of the nominee and the role to which he/she aspires.
b) The nominee’s written declaration of interest and availability to serve if elected.
c) A brief biographical sketch of the nominee.

If you yourself hanker after running , chat up three CNIE pals and get them to put your name forward. Nominations will close on January 15, 2010. If we then have more nominees than positions to fill, there will be elections in time to populate the new Board at the 2010 conference in Saint John. There are a lot of very talented people in CNIE; let’s put some more of them where they can do us all some good!

Ray Whitley
CNIE Past President

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