January 2010

Hello Everyone:

My name is Lorraine Carter, and it is a special pleasure to be sharing a few thoughts about who I am and my affiliation with CNIE. In my opinion, CNIE is a uniquely special organization as it brings together very talented people who are, above all, interested in education through the effective and innovative use of technology. What a powerful combination—people and educational opportunity enabled by technology.

As for my career, it has, in a few words, been rich and diverse. In particular, I have worked at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario since 1988 with a sojourn of one year with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in curriculum development/instructional design and four years in a Ministry of Health and Long-term Care position with the Ontario Telemedicine Network. At Laurentian, while I have enjoyed a cross-section of responsibilities, those I have particular affection involve distance and online education. Notably, these commitments included instructional design and project management work in Laurentian University’s Centre for Continuing Education, a unit well known for its long and established history of distance education. In similar fashion, I was fortunate to work as the Education Manager with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) where I met and worked with hundreds of wonderful healthcare professionals, all of whom used distance and communication technologies for health and education. After my time with OTN, I returned to Laurentian where I am presently a faculty member.

Through and through, I regard myself to be an educator. After my Master’s degree at the University of Western Ontario, I completed a Bachelor of Education through the University of Toronto and, more recently, a PhD in Educational Studies through the University of Windsor. In my doctoral work, I examined the critical thinking and writing experiences of registered nurses pursuing baccalaureate education through online education. No doubt, you see a pattern here: education, health, and technology.

My involvement in CNIE is one of those lucky things that just happens to us every once in a while. Several years ago, because of my work in Laurentian University’s Centre for Continuing Education, I was asked to attend what was called a CADE conference. I remember it well: it was my first conference of all time in the beautiful and magnificently historic Quebec City. Aside from blistered feet from climbing the hilly terrain of the city in inappropriate shoes, I could not have enjoyed myself more; the conference was everything I could have imagined as a distance education enthusiast. Those three days in May were the first of many CADE conferences and involvements, and the first step in my journey to CNIE.

In addition to providing tremendous educational and networking opportunities, CNIE has offered me a place to pursue my research interests. At present, some of my research involvements include the educational needs of nurses working in telehealth; telemedicine applications in northern and remote communities; thinking, writing, and learning in online settings; and interprofessional health and education practices as supported by technology. You can appreciate how much I value the two journals that CNIE supports.

In the spirit of passing a good thing forward, if I can help you to learn more about CNIE or become more involved in its many programs and activities, please drop me a note. I would love to hear from you. Indeed, one of the most rewarding experiences of an organization such as CNIE is meeting and working with new and likeminded people.

With sincere best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2010,


Lorraine Carter, PhD
CNIE Board Member

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