CNIE Membership Promotion Strategies May 2010

CNIE Membership Promotion Strategies
During the summer of 2009, a Committee of CNIE- RCIÉ directors – Lorraine Carter and Helena Fehr – chaired by former CADE president, Bill Fricker, discussed ways to enhance CNIE’s- RCIÉ’s membership. Additional input was provided by: Maureen Baron and Maria Chow (CNIE-RCIÉ directors), Tim Howard (Director of Administration), and Brad Johnson (web design, BB Webmedia.)
The Committee reviewed the results of an online survey (administered by CNIE- RCIÉ members Bettina Brockerhoff-McDonald and Maureen Baron) which collected information about CNIE members’ work and professional interests. Lorraine Carter shared the results of the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (CAUCE) Institutional Members Survey, which summarized member feedback on numerous member services and priorities. Both documents are appended to the Committee’s report.
Report Structure
Seven overarching categories ranging from implementing specific marketing tactics to addressing membership privileges (CNIE- RCIÉ services and supports) were identified:
• Online registration
• Marketing tools
• Creation of repository of key contacts – institutional members
• Membership targets as well as identification of specific sectors for strategic targeting
• Web—#1 as a community tool
• Web-based/online opportunities
• New CNIE- RCIÉ identity
Within these seven categories, 23 strategies were recommended. Each may be selected for implementation independent of other strategies and/or in combination with another strategy.
The Board reviewed the Committee’s report during the autumn of 2009 to discuss which strategies to implement as well as timing and required supports for implementation. The Board encourages members to review the Executive Summary of the Committee’s report, which is attached, and to provide feedback and recommendations to

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