Executive Summary of Membership Committee Report May 2010

Executive Summary
During the summer of 2009, a Committee of CNIE- RCIÉ Board Members chaired by former Board Member, Bill Fricker, discussed ways to enhance CNIE’s- RCIÉ’s membership. The Committee discussed an online survey which had collected information about CNIE- RCIÉ members’ work and professional interests and identified ways of promoting membership. Seven overarching categories with 23 strategies were identified:
I. Online registration
II. Marketing tools
o One page poster
o Paid advertisements
o Exit interviews
III. Creation of a repository of key contacts
IV. Identification of membership targets and the specific sectors for strategic targeting
o Health care
o K-12
o Masters’ students
o Teachers’ associations
o Institutional members
o Non-renewing past members
V. Increased use of the web for a CNIE-RCIÉ community tool
o Membership FAQs
o Develop wikis
o Promote use of Twitter
o Student/mentor access
o Journal promos
o Reinstate member info on website
VI. Increased web-based/online opportunities
o Weekly tips
o Summaries of relevant journals
o Provincial round-up
o President/BOD news
o Student news
o Members only enquires listserv section
VII. New CNIE- RCIÉ identity
o Create new CNIE identity
o Create logo
o Create business identity package (business cards, banners, letterhead etc.)
o Brand website
o Align mission and values with strategies (7 –S or PERT)

Outcome of the Recommendations
The CNIE-RCIÉ Board of Directors categorized the sections and strategies as completed, to be implemented, or no action possible due to financial or human resources constraints. For example, categories I and VII have been completed. The remaining suggestions will be included in a three year plan as finances and human resources permit.
Feedback and questions regarding this report can be sent to cnie-rcie@cnie-rcie.ca

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