President’s Message

CNIE, Message from the President, July 2015


as the current president of CNIE I would like to welcome you to our association’s website. CNIE is Canada’s national association for technology enhanced learning that is targeted to all levels of education and training. We believe that those involved in any form of education can engage in activities and dialogue to support innovation in education. Whether you are a student or practitioner we invite you to become part of our organization.

For our current and future members, this year we are undergoing great strides to bring our organization forward – from our new website, to revisiting our membership fees, to creating more networking opportunities you will have the opportunity to see how we have envisioned moving our association into alignment with the current needs of our members. Stay tuned for more news in the next few months!

Remember that CNIE does provide our members with access to a national conference, offers and presents a variety of awards in the areas of innovation in education, provides you with news regarding our industry, oversees two journals and provides an association that crosses the K-12, higher education and private training sectors.

I look forward to the next year and would ask that you continue being part of our unique organization!

Thank you,

Kari Rasmussen
President, CNIE