2013 Conference Presentations

The keynote sessions are available on youtube.

Day 1


Leadership in Online Learning and Learning Technology: What Does It Mean?

Tony Bates (Contact North)


The Coming Down of Fences: What Continuing Educators at Canadian Universities are Doing and Saying about Online and Other Forms of Technology-supported Learning

Lorraine Carter, Rob Graham, Behdin Nowrouzi (Nipissing)


Integrating Technology Tools into Pre-service Teacher Education: Developing Self-efficacy through Modeling

Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier & Katarin MacLeod (St. Francis Xavier)


Teaching from the Yacht: Remote Delivery in the Digital Age


Jim Mackey (Red River)


YouTube and Facebook in Nursing Education: A Winning Combination



Laura Killam (Cambrian) & Lorraine Carter (Nipissing)


Day 2

Facilitating Business Development in Northern Ontario: Making Distance Disappear

Alain Thivierge & Lorraine Carter (Nipissing)

Day 3

What is in a Technology Competency? A Recipe for the Skill(ed) Use of Digital Tools

Matthias Sturm (Alpha Plus)

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