2015 CNIE Award Submissions

Last year our awards process was very challenging, we had a number of extremely innovative and impressive submissions from coast to coast. The following list shows the sponsoring institution (that is it may not present the complete list of collaborators) and the submission.

Instructional Design/Teaching and Learning

Ottawa University: Legal Memos made Easy

Université d’Ottawa: Cours hybride CVG2540: Mécanique

University of British Columbia: Fostering nutrition education in the community through experiential learning and open online video

DELTS, Memorial University:Oceans 1000: Exploration of World Ocean: Exploring the Ocean Using Virtual Expeditions: A Blended Flipped-Classroom Approach Using Prezi as an Exploratory Tool

Open School British Columbia: Residential Trading Services Applied Practise Course Redesign

University of British Columbia: Designing for a Quality Online Course (PDPIE) Quality Framework

University of Waterloo: Designing an Interactive Online Introductory Physics Course

College of the North Atlantic: PY1330 News Photography

University of Waterloo: Creating an Immersive Teaching and Learning Experience Online: Religion and Popular Film

Educational Practices/Collaboration

College of the North Atlantic: Bonavista Institute for Cultural Tourism -NC2489 The Business of Food

Learning Resources and Technology Services, Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development: The Hour of Code

Ottawa University: Nature Watch (Collaboration)

Open School British Columbia: FOODSAFE Level 1

University of New Brunswick: Supporting Students with Disabilities Online Modules for PSE Faculty and Instructors

Formal or Non-Formal Educational Program

Ottawa University: Nature Watch (Formal/ Non formal)   

DELTS, Memorial University: Français 2300 Phonétique du français / french 2300 “French Phonetics”

Technology in the K-12 Classroom

Maplesoft/University of Waterloo: Online Mathematical Courseware – Secondary School Courseware Project

Open School British Columba: Inclusion Outreach e-Mentoring Program

Graduate Student Award

Athabasca University: Drinking from a Fire Hose: Success Strategies and Coping Mechanisms for Learning Through Synchronous Microblogging on Twitter

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